You are currently viewing 5 Insanely Easy Ways To Earn Gems In Duolingo: How To Earn Gems In Duolingo

5 Insanely Easy Ways To Earn Gems In Duolingo: How To Earn Gems In Duolingo

How To Earn Gems In Duolingo

Do you want to learn a new language through Duolingo but struggle to gather gems for new units? Worry not, as I am here to guide you on how to earn gems in Duolingo. With these tips, you’ll have enough gems to unlock the needed units and keep your learning on track.

Firstly, watching ad videos is the quickest way to earn gems in Duolingo. At the end of each lesson, you will be offered the option to watch a video ad that rewards you with gems. The videos are relatively short, and this method can quickly earn you the gems you need. 

Secondly, completing daily goals in Duolingo also helps you to earn gems daily. You will receive points to level up your streak every day you complete a goal. As your streak grows, you will be rewarded with more gems. Additionally, each consecutive day you complete your daily goal will increase your daily rewards. 

By utilizing these tips on how to earn gems in Duolingo, you’ll be able to unlock new units in no time. With consistent effort and dedication to your learning goals, you’ll soon find yourself well-versed in your chosen language.

Strategies to Earn Gems in Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language learning app that encourages users to learn a new language by providing a gamified experience. To make their experience more engaging, the app offers gems that can be used to unlock additional content or features. In this section, I’ll share a few strategies to help you earn gems in Duolingo.

Complete Daily Goals

One of the simplest ways to earn gems in Duolingo is by completing daily goals. The app allows users to set daily goals that motivate them to stay on track with their language learning progress. You will receive gems as a reward if you meet your daily goal.

Practice Regularly

Another strategy to earn gems in Duolingo is by practicing regularly. The more you practice, the better your chances of earning gems. The app offers a feature called ‘Streaks’ that tracks the number of consecutive days you practice in a row. Maintaining a long streak can motivate you to keep practicing every day and grant you bonus gems once you reach certain milestones.

Participate In Events

Duolingo regularly runs events encouraging users to practice more, such as competitions, challenges, and language learning events. Participating in these events can earn you gems as a reward. To stay informed about these events, watch the app’s newsfeed.

Redeem Gems

Once you’ve earned enough gems, you can redeem them for rewards such as extra study materials, features, or even real-life goods like Duolingo merchandise. To redeem your gems, go to the Duolingo shop and explore options.

In conclusion, following these strategies can effectively earn more gems in Duolingo. Completing daily goals, practicing regularly, participating in events, and redeeming gems can create a more engaging and fulfilling learning experience on this popular language learning app.

Additional Ways to Obtain Gems on Duolingo

Aside from completing lessons and maintaining consecutive days of practicing, there are several other ways to earn gems on Duolingo. Here are some additional ways to obtain gems:

Watching ads: One way to earn gems is by watching ads. Duolingo occasionally allows users to watch a short promotional video in exchange for a few gems. This feature is not always available, but when it is, it’s an easy way to earn some extra gems.

Referring friends: Another way to earn gems is through Duolingo’s referral program. By inviting friends to join Duolingo through a unique referral link, users can receive 10 gems per friend who joins and starts learning. There is a maximum limit of 10 referrals, meaning that users can earn up to 100 gems through this method.

Purchasing gems: Duolingo offers the option to purchase gems using real money for those who want to skip the wait. This can be done through the iOS or Android app store or through Duolingo’s website. The cost varies depending on the amount of gems desired, but this option offers a quick and easy way to obtain gems without having to complete lessons or watch ads.

It’s worth noting that while gems can help users unlock certain features or extend a streak, they are not necessary to successfully learn a language on Duolingo. However, for those looking to supplement their learning and earn some extra rewards, these additional methods can be a helpful addition to the standard learning experience.

As an experienced Duolingo user, I have discovered several ways to maximize my gem earning potential. Here are a few tips to optimize your gem earning on Duolingo:

1. Complete Daily Goals: Duolingo challenges you to complete a certain number of lessons daily. By meeting this goal, you can earn bonus gems as a reward. So make it a habit to complete your daily goal to accumulate more gems over time.

2. Keep Streaks Going: Maintaining a daily streak on Duolingo can be a great motivation to keep learning. With longer streaks come more bonus gems. Keep your streak going for as many days as possible to earn these extra gems.

3. Practice More to Improve Your Skills: By practicing more on Duolingo, you improve your language skills and earn more gems. The more you practice, the more gems you can earn by completing lessons and quizzes.

4. Watch Ads: Duolingo allows you to watch ads in exchange for gems. While it might be time consuming, it can be a helpful way to accumulate gems quickly, especially if you need a few extra gems to unlock a feature.

By following these tips, you can earn gems on Duolingo while improving your language skills. Remember to stay motivated and consistent in your learning to maximize your Duolingo experience.